Higher productivity. Higher quality. Better performance.

We help software teams quickly develop
higher-quality, better-performing software.

What We Do

Writing computer programs is inefficient. It is time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive. It is also vitally important to your business.

Faster Programmers supplements your IT team with excellent software developers and a software project manager. We deliver software by focusing on quality. Our focus on code and developer quality makes our software perform and scale well.

"Nearshore" USA-Led Software Development

Ideally, all software would be developed by teams who work in the same room with the clients.

Unfortunately, few companies can afford that structure. The cost of finding and hiring excellent programmers in North America and Europe is staggering. On the other hand, bids from offshore software development companies are often races to the bottom: ridiculously low effort estimates combined with a cynical business model of supplying low-cost, low-quality development and latching on an endless stream of change-orders.

Faster Programmers is based in the United States. We do use talented programmers from all over the globe, every one of which has been personally vetted by Faster Programmers' President Larry O'Brien. Every Faster Programmer has passed a test of their programming and communication skill.

Faster Programmers believes that excellent software developers should be compensated more than average programmers. In the case of programmers from developing economies in South America and Asia, this policy still generally leads to a per-hour rate that is highly competitive. Since excellent developers are much more productive than average or below-average programmers, Faster Programmers delivers value at the highest achievable rate.

You can find a lower quote. You cannot find a better value.

So what's different?

We deliver business value by developing software rapidly.

We don't think our job is to code. We don't think our job is to talk.

We think our job is to be guided by our clients' decisions as we rapidly iterate the development of not-quite-right software.

We don't blindly pound at our keyboards until nothing breaks and we don't think our responsibilities end at "I did what you asked me to."

We could talk about our experience, but what it boils down to is that we are a small group of excellent developers who can rapidly address technical challenges and, over time, help teams become more agile, more trusted, and more satisfying.

We are not blocked by technology: We like Ruby but are expert at C# and C++. We like Rails but have architected systems in ColdFusion and PHP. Lately, we've been enjoying developing for the iPhone.

We write excellent code: If our clients allow, we develop automated quality and performance test suites for our work ("test-driven development"). We design and implement our work so that it is easy to evolve: whether that means a bug identified today, an alternative design conceived tomorrow, or a scaling challenge in a year.

We deliver results quickly: We almost always initially address a specific "pain point," a prototype of a new concept or a refactoring of a dysfunctional component. We are experts at "spinning up" on projects and rapidly delivering value.

We share our expertise: Over time, we love to help clients transform their teams into faster programmers.


The story starts (and ends) with excellent developers. But excellent project management is also necessary.

The past decade has seen a revolution in software development: we now know the best way to achieve great results is to emphasize rapid development of incremental, easy-to-change functionality.

We believe in the principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

We are not PowerPoint-toting "methodology consultants." Our unofficial motto is "Faster Programmer! Code! Code!". We adapt ourselves to our customers' needs and management style. We strongly prefer to use agile project management and software development techniques. If you use those techniques, great. If not, we'd love to show you how they can help your company.

Faster. Better. Profitable.

We rapidly ship software that delivers business value.

Every time we ship, we get a little better. We embrace what works, we abandon what doesn't. We aren't attached to any movement, we don't think there's only one way to develop software, we don't make our living by promising silver bullets.

The last 3 systems we architected are doing in excess of $600M in transactions per year. References available.


Contact us

Faster Programmers is headquartered in Hawaii, USA. Located in Kailua Kona on the "Big Island" of Hawaii, we are always available during "West Coast" business hours (M-F, 9-5 Pacific Standard/Daylight Time).

Faster Programmers 73-1237 Lihau St. #1 Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740

info@fasterprogrammers.com 808-769-0489